On Day 2 it asks me to buy the full plan

This is not a bug or a fault. The App is Free to Try

The App has a very specific way of working that is designed to work in Harmony with Paul's tried and tested methods and is carefully designed to help you over the course of 7 Days and then consolidate for a further 14.

It clearly states on the App Store Description & Screen Shots that the App is FREE to try for the first day.

This is also mentioned once more on the opening slides of the App. Please try the App for FREE and if it works for you then please buy the full plan for a one off fee. It is a shame that people feel the need to leave a bad review because they like the App but don't wish to pay for it.

A single private consultation with a therapist would likely cost £100 or $100 in real life and a significant amount of time, effort and cost has gone into making this App so that it can help lots of people.

The full app plans are priced at a very low price, however we have chosen to give everyone an opportunity to try the App for Free and see how it can work for them before they make the commitment to pay for it.

Once you get to Day 2 you can choose to continue with your plan or decide that it is not for you without ever having had to pay.

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