I have a new Google Android Phone. How do I restore a previously purchased plan?

As long as you use the same Google Play account, you cannot be charged twice for content that you have successfully bought previously.

When you go to the Downloads Page you can click on 'Restore' and this will take you through the process for activating the full plan that you previously purchased. Alternatively when you are asked to purchase a full plan, you can accept and the process will identify that you have previously bought the plan and make it available at no extra cost.

Note that you must use the same Google Account that you used to make your previous purchase. Perhaps check through your emails to find the original receipt.

We do not have any access to your Credit Card or Account details therefore if you are unsure or have an issue accessing your Google Account, please contact Google at

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    Jacqueline Beaney

    So if you change phone types ? F4om apple to Android ?

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    App Support

    Unfortunately, App purchases are not transferable across stores. They don't allow for it.

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