Some of the screen is cropped/doesn't display on my iPad

Please check - are you holding your iPad in landscape (so it is wider than it is taller)? If so, this might be the reason why you are having this issue.

Please try the following:
- double click the 'home' button on your iPad. This will show all currently open apps. Find the Paul McKenna app and drag/swipe it off the screen to close it fully.
- holding the iPad in portrait (so it is taller than it is wider) re-open the app and it should display correctly.

If you are still having trouble please let us know and we'll be happy to help.

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    No matter what I do the app does not fully display on my iPad. On my iPhone I can access the full app but the audio does not work unless I have head phones. I’d like to use his new app for weight loss but it only comes in cd or dvd. I have neither

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    Sa Tuck

    Screen is so cropped I can’t use it and it is effectively frozen.

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