Night-Time Hypnosis Stopping Early

We are looking into reports of this issue but here is a little more information about the hypnotic audio and app audio player.

The full hypnotic is over 26 mins long and you should see this rounded down to show as `26 minutes` under the 'NIGHT-TIME HYPNOSIS' title on the player.

There are however 2 'modes' to the night time hypnotic: Sleep and Wake.

You should also see an icon towards the bottom right of the audio player that looks like `Zzz`. Pressing this toggles between these two modes.

By default the app is in Sleep mode which means that the wake up call in the last portion of the hypnotic is bypassed. This is actually makes the hypnotic 24m and 4s long and stops the audio just before the wake up section begins. To confirm, the last line you should hear is 'Now you can release that brilliance.' in this mode.

If you switch to Wake mode, you will see an alarm bell icon instead of the `Zzz` icon. This plays the full hypnotic audio which is over 26mins long.


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    Anne Hann

    I can't see a Zzz icon or an alarm bell symbol. My app stops before the last line that they say you should hear. I always wake up at that point

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    Please update app to new ISO 11
    Not working right since update
    On new iPhone 7 and up
    Please keep this app it is great!!!
    Add a loop option please

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    Donna protano

    I’ve just purchased the app and it says 23 mins on the hypnosis trance, listened tonight and it def is cut short - it cuts off mid sentence
    What can I do to resolve this? I paid for this app!

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    I work shifts. Need to listen too hypnotic at my times not s robots

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