App Needs to be Updated by the Developer.

Unfortunately the 7 Days App with In App Purchases was initially released in 2014 and was taken off sale nearly 2 years ago and is no longer supported. This means that as users update to newer and newer versions of Apple's operating system, older Apps will eventually fail additional requirements placed upon them by Apple and simply stop working. Their statement that developers need to update sounds simple enough but typically involves weeks of work and $000's of project and development time and simply isn't viable.

The latest iOS has new features that block standard tracking and Social integrations that were routinely used but may have been exploited and therefore blocked.

The only way to get your paid App to work is to roll back your iOS to the previous version or download it to a device that is already running the last good version that worked.

Here is a link to an article on Forbes that explains the latest update and some of the issue associated with it

While we understand that this is frustrating for users, it is completely out of our control.

Your only alternative might be to request a Refund in iTunes and then download the Stand alone version of your plan which are available on the App Store.

Best wishes.

App Support.

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